Zoom: 2020 Complete Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Zoom

2020 Complete Beginners Guide to Getting Started with Zoom for Meeting , Webinar , Businesses , Live Stream , Video Conferencing etc. 20 Tips and Tricks included

Zoom is one of the most popular services for video conferencing and online meetings. Now Zoom helps businesses to continue to work well, and students to learn in quarantine. The company developed a disaster plan last year. Since then, its shares have risen in price by 125%, and the service has become one of the most popular tools for remote work. According to the New York Times, the company’s market value has already reached 29 billion. This exceeds the cost of any American airline.

In the current environment, Zoom is not used for its intended purpose, that is, the application connects not only business, but also souls. People around the world use Zoom for correspondence dates, using the service they arrange birthdays, correspondence dinners with family and relatives, and even weddings. The American edition of Quartz talked about a couple from California who got married in the app, as state authorities banned all public events. On the appointed day and hour, all wedding guests received a link to the videoconference from the newlyweds. The bride and groom were in their apartment in wedding dresses, later the priest joined.
In our book, we have collected the most relevant information, as well as cool tricks and tricks for comfortable use of Zoom.

In this book you will find the information about:
What is Zoom;
Zoom Features, Advantages and disadvantages;
How to get started with Zoom;
ZOOM Video conferencing;
Schedule a video conference;
Connect to video conference;
22 coolest Tips and Tricks;
…and much, much more!