Don’t Look At Me In That Tone Of Voice!: Memories of a Confused Sixties Childhood

Meet Alex, a thoroughly confused young girl living in 1960’s Yorkshire. She spends her days stuck between a mother with permanent PMS and a desire to create a spectacle wherever she goes and a father determined to blend into the background and avoid being noticed at all costs.

When you add to the mix strange childhood friends, sadistic teachers, haircuts from hell and events that had to be lived to be believed and it makes for some amusing reading. If you remember sitting in tin baths in front of the fire, outside toilets in freezing backyards and doing PE in your knickers then this book might bring back a few memories and make you smile.

“Our first term at Junior School saw the whole class caught up in a sex scandal. Not that any of us realised it, we were all still as clueless as each other.”

“We were very excited to be at the City Hall, as for the first time we wouldn’t be dancing in our underwear.”

“Me and Johnny went everywhere together, we were like Forest Gump and Jenny, only with Yorkshire accents”

A must read for everyone that ever had to grow up wearing their mother’s dubious knitting and enduring humiliating visits from the nit nurse!