My Enigmatic Boss

A Steamy Director and Lead Actress Romance

Jasmine Tate
I have always known that I was made for the big screen. When I finally gets a chance to make my big break, the last thing on my mind is falling in love. That’s until I meet the sexy and mysterious director of the movie who seems to hate my guts…or could there be something more? While he remains an elusive mystery and I am more than focused on my career, I can’t help but want to know more about him…

Clark Webster
When I got the chance to finally get out of my rut in my directing career, I hopped on it without hesitance. The new film I’m directing is supposed to be my redemption in the eyes of the industry but why am only interested in how one pair of eyes see me now? I have never met such a talented actress or such an alluring woman and it’s taking everything I have in me to resist the attraction.