Kindle Book Millionaire – How To Get Rich Writing, Publishing and Selling Kindle Books

I Make $2739.57 Every Month. You Can Too.

No, I am not a millionaire yet. However, I chose the title “Kindle Book Millionaire” because the premise of the book is, anyone can become a millionaire by writing/publishing Kindle books. There are so many real life examples for this (Amanda Hocking, J.A.Konrath, John Locke, etc.)

This book is a bundle of all my best selling 4 books

Invest in your writing/publishing career and change your life forever.

This book has all the details you need to write, publish, market and sell Kindle books.

PART 1 – Money Making Machine

– 4 SIMPLE steps to publish your book

– Easy ways to analyze the market for your book

– 3 POWERFUL ways to get your book idea

– 6 HIDDEN Secrets to market your book

– How to turn your PASSION into MONEY-MAKING book

– EFFECTIVE ways to get 5-STAR reviews

– AMAZING way to find out the number of copies sold

– EXCELLENT ways to find your DREAM covers

PART 2 – Non-Fiction Writing Machine

– Step-by-Step Blue Print to write your book in 5 ½ days

– Ways to EFFECTIVELY use “Look Inside” feature to sell more copies

– SECRETS to make your readers your LOYAL fans

– Strategies to use to create KILLER outline for your book

– 11 Habits of Highly Ineffective writers

– 11 Parts of a Non-Fiction book

PART 3 – Unlimited Books Sales Machine

– My friend Andy DOUBLED his book sales using ONE strategy. You can too!

– 7 SIZZLING ways to start your description

– AMAZING 1 single way to end your description

– 7 NLP Hypnotic Patterns to hypnotize the buyers to buying

– POWER methods to tell GREAT stories in your description

– HIDDEN Secrets to find your Unique Selling Proposition

– POWER of Power words. 75 Power Words to create your description

– HTML codes for STUNNING and DAZZLING description

– 21 PROVEN Tips and Techniques to sell MORE books right away

PART 4 – Titles & Covers That Sell

– 8 Types of KILLER titles

– Find the covers that CAPTIVATE the customers

– Methods to brand your book

– Strategies to emphasize the EXCELLENT benefits

– Ways to establish yourself as an Authority