Waiting on Heaven: A Mother and Daughter’s Remarkable Shared Death Experience

Diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age ten, Paris Acree talked happily of the day when she would meet Jesus and “shock” him with her purple toenail polish. But Paris delivered another shock altogether when, shortly before her own death, she discerned her mother Victoria’s breast cancer weeks before doctors confirmed it.

Waiting on Heaven follows Victoria’s spiritual journey through pregnancy, mutual cancer diagnoses, and a shared-death experience, as well as her own out-of-body trip to visit Paris shortly after her daughter’s passing. In life, Paris enjoyed playing both the pupil and the teacher, but it was only after her daughter’s death that Victoria discovered just how much Paris taught her about faith, acceptance, and love. Experience heaven like never before in this incredible true story of a mother’s enlightenment through the life and death of her young daughter.

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