Vicars of Christ – The Dark Side of the Papacy: International Best-Seller – Update on Sex Abuse Scandal in the Church



‘A scholarly look at an institution that refuses to change to meet the needs of contemporary Catholics. It may also be one of the most important looks at the papacy in a century.’
Seattle Post-Intelligencer USA

‘Brilliant scholarship, sinewy writing, and blazing moral fervour will not overcome the objections of some who will accuse de Rosa of fermenting sour grapes. Others will savour this like fine wine. Whatever the palate, no one will mistake this very potent brew for soda pop.’
Kirkus Reviews USA

‘Vicars of Christ is a book written by a loyal Catholic with impeccable academic credentials, who has done the monumental research in gathering information from many sources, including that buried in the Vatican archives.’
Catholic Free Press, USA

‘The intention of the book is more than mere scandalized sensationalism. Its passionately expressed hope is that a frank examination of the past should lead to greater tolerance, both over issues such as divorce, and in the recognition and integration of other Christian churches.’
Sunday Times UK

‘The papacy has produced some thoroughly rotten fruits over the centuries. In these days of ecumenical chumminess it is highly unfashionable to point this out which makes Vicars of Christ bold indeed.’
Yorkshire Post UK

‘This book has everything we never wanted to know about the supreme pontiffs – cruelty, simony, nepotism, despotism and sex, sex in forms, places and positions that left this reviewer gasping at clerical ingenuity.’
Sunday Tribune, Ireland

‘A spellbinding historical account of the darker side of the papacy.’
Sunday Press Ireland

‘This is a very rare book – the perfect balance between impeccable research and compulsive reading.’
Gordon Thomas, Author of Pontiff

‘Those who like me have tended to look only at the bright side of the papacy will find its pitiless search of the dark side shattering.’
H.J. Richards, Professor of Scripture, University of East Anglia

‘The message is clear. De Rosa finds it impossible to reconcile “God will provide” and “Multiply and fill the earth” with a Mexican mother of 12 living in squalor. De Rosa calmly plays the Devil’s Advocate. He opens the stained glass windows and clearly outlines the evolution of the Roman Church’s teachings, too often shaped by the whims of corrupt and fanatical popes.’
Dublin Evening Herald, Ireland

‘Popes sex and propaganda have been mixing for too long and de Rosa tries to remind the powers-that-be that their claims of infallibility mixed up with personal sexual impasses have had and could have dire consequences for millions of people.’
BBC World Service

‘Uncomfortable reading for those of us who are Catholics.’
Sunday Express UK


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