The Jungle Book – Das Dschungelbuch: Bilingual parallel text – Zweisprachige Ausgabe: English-German / Englisch-Deutsch (Dual Language Easy Reader 47) (German Edition)


*** Deutsch ***

Zweisprachige Ausgabe (Paralleler Text, Bilingual)
Englische und Deutsche Textversion parallel
(Sollte die Absatzansicht von ihrem E-Book-Reader nicht unterstützt werden, werden die beiden Sprachen in abwechselnden Absätzen dargestellt)

Illustrierte Ausgabe (mit sämtliche über 89 Illustrationen von Maurice de Becque und andere Illustratoren)

Übersetzt von Curt Abel-Musgrave und andere Übersetzer.

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*** English ***

Kindle bilingual edition (English – German parallel texts)
German easy readers: If you are learning or improving your Italian or English as second language, grab this bilingual edition containing a bilingual edition of this masterpiece. An easy to read paragraph by paragraph English-German parallel text version.

* On Kindle Paperwhite and Kindle Fire or on newer devices and on Android tablet and smartphone, text is displayed in two columns, one for each language. On older devices, iPad/iPhone and on the “look inside” site preview, the text will be displayed by alternate paragraphs between the two languages.

** Rotate your device in landscape mode could enhance the visualization of some paragraphs.


This ebook is based on the work of Rudyard Kipling “The Jungle Book” or “Das Dschungelbuch”.
With drawings by Maurice de Becque and others.
Translated by Curt Abel-Musgrave.

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Also available as English-German, French-German, German-Italian, English-French, English-Italian, and French-Italian bilingual parallel text editions, and single language editions

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