The Fourth Sunrise

Joel Murphy is a minor league baseball player with not much to live for when the team bus breaks down in Delta, Colorado. By chance or by fate, Joel meets Christine in a diner and knows his world will never be the same. But morning fast arrives and Joel must leave with his team.

After a long and demanding season, Joel returns to Delta only to discover Christine has moved on and married someone else.

That was thirty years ago…

Now in the present day, Joel Murphy is waiting at a coffee shop in Delta to meet Christine for only the fourth time in his life, when a curious young woman sits with him. Against his better judgment, Joel begins to tell her about the woman he has seen only three times in his life. A woman unlike any other. Most important, he begins to tell his new friend of a secret he’d been keeping for nearly three decades, a secret that could tear his fragile relationship with the woman he loves apart.

Joel has only seen Christine for three sunrises. But it’s the fourth that will count.

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