Tales of Strangeness and Harm (Volume One)


The Chair

In this day and age, is it really possible that an old carved chair could carry with it a dangerous curse?

A Man’s Worst Fear

A woman is being questioned about the death of her husband. She admits to poisoning him but insists it was in self-defence – but just why did she do it?


Have you ever found yourself getting carried away when collecting something? Here is the story of what happened to one collector in his quest for that final, special piece.

The Foundling

A desperate young woman leaves her new born baby on the doorstep of a kindly looking old lady. But this old lady has a disturbing history and perhaps she has made the worst possible choice.

First Filial

When a lab assistant is passed over for promotion, he decides to show his boss how capable he is with an experiment of his own. But sometimes, just sometimes, an underdog is an underdog for a reason.

The Wood of Souls

David Stephens is an ordinary but selfish man. On the journey home from the work’s Christmas party, he is going to have one last chance to change and do the right thing, but whatever he decides, there will be consequences from which he cannot hide.

Mirror, Mirror

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Or should that be: imitation is the most sinister form of flattery?

A Box of Fudge

Every now and then we have to make an important and irreversible decision. Some decisions matter so much that we have to be as certain as we can be that we’ve got it right. That’s why we make sure we’ve got all the facts right, don’t we?


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