Strong Arm Creek: Hard-Boiled Detective Thriller Novella (Agent Gallahan Series Book 1)


Strong Arm Creek

Book 1 – Agent Gallahan Series – Hard-Boiled Detective Thriller Novella

When Steve Ellis returned to his home town to catch up with old friends the last thing he expected was to wind up dead in Strong Arm Creek.

In this first Agent Gallahan Short Story local Detective Elizabeth ‘Lizzy’ Raye has to put her own feelings for Gallahan aside in solving the case of three murders in a matter of weeks. With fear gripping the close knit community of Strong Arm Creek she is in a race against time to put a stop to the killings. However the one thing she feared the most may in fact come true. Could it be possible the man she loves, Gallahan, could some how be linked to the killings?

As the case unfolds there is more to these recent murders than meets the eye where those who appear innocent are not what they seem!


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