Self Love Workbook: A 14 Day Journey to Loving Yourself and Having A Positive Outlook (14 Day Journeys)


Self love is just 14 days away!

Are you struggling with negative emotions toward yourself? You aren’t alone! A lot of us have negative emotions toward ourselves that we want to improve on. It really is possible to reverse the negative feelings and really start to love yourself. That’s where this workbook comes in.

The Self Love Workbook takes you on a two week journey, leading you through insightful entries and journal questions down the path to loving yourself. Each day has a different theme with questions that help you focus on improving the way you feel about yourself and, by extension, the way you deal with others.

This book is challenging, inspiring, insightful, and gentle. It is designed to give you tools that you can continue to use past day 14 to continue loving yourself more each day!

Isn’t it time you started feeling great about yourself?

Within the Self Love Journal you’ll discover:

How forgiveness can actually help you with your self image
The power of positive self talk
The impact of toxic expectations
And much more.

All you need to start down this journey is the Self Love Journal, something to write on, and something to write with. That’s all it takes to start down this path to a positive self image and a brighter outlook on life.

So if you are tired of feeling negatively towards yourself and you are ready to take on the 14 day challenge to loving yourself, then get your copy of the Self Love Workbook today!


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