Off My Meds

Here is what some very famous people had to say about Les Taha’s cartoons, and his new book, “Off My Meds”.

Seth MacFarlane, (Creator of “The Family Guy”, “American Dad”, and “Ted”) Calls it, “Timeless Humor”

Billy Crystal, (Actor, Comedian) said, “”Very funny. In the tradition of Gahan Wilson!”

Dick DeBartolo, (Writer for “Mad Magazine”) said, “I laughed so much, I thought I was reading my own work! Then I realized it was SOMEONE ELSE who had written such funny stuff, and I confined my joy to broad smiling.

Charles Schulz, (Creator of “Peanuts”) said, “Leslie Taha has finally made clear for me a few opinions which I have been afraid to voice myself for a long time. Finally, he has drawn for us the truth about, “The Three Bears,” “Red Ridinghood.” “Frankenstein,” courtrooms, “Humpty Dumpty,” and a few doctors and lawyers.”

Tom Reeder,( Writer / producer for “Cheers” “Night Court”, and “Frasier”) said, “I really enjoyed it, … in the bizarre tradition of Virgil Partch, Gary Larson, and Jerry Van Amerongen.”

For many years, Les Taha’s single panel humorous cartoons have appeared in small community newspapers, college papers, and magazines throughout the U.S. and Canada. More than likely you have seen them somewhere.

His new book, “Off My Meds” is a collection of nearly 500 of his very best cartoons.
They have often been compared to Gary Larson’s, “The Far Side”. The subject matter of his humor is all over the place. His targets are politicians, animals, the workplace, healthcare, fables, insects, monsters, and more.

The humor is intelligent, bizarre, poignant, sick, insightful, and silly. Taha’s cartoons are so crazy and bizarre that many have suggested (and even ordered him) to get back on his meds.

So for all of you sick fans who have been suffering from, “The Far Side” withdrawals, at
last there is a cure. “Off My Meds” is just what the doctor ordered.

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