Maya & Filippo Show Aloha: Free Books for Kids Ages 4-8 (Maya & Filippo Adventure and Education for Kids Book 1)

Take Your Children on an Adventure!

“An engaging book to entertain and educate young readers about the Hawaiian lifestyle and culture.” – 5 stars from Readers’ Favorite

This entertaining and educational picture book features two little travelers – Maya and Filippo – who love to explore the world.

˃˃˃ Would you like your children to learn about different countries and cultures in a fun way?

Then the “Maya & Filippo Adventure and Education for Kids” Series will be perfect for you and your early readers.

˃˃˃ Would you like your children to understand the meaning of “aloha”, “hula”, “lei” and “ukulele”?

Then let Maya & Filippo show them around Hawaii and tell them about the islands’ culture and geography.

˃˃˃ Would you like to check if your beginner readers are paying attention?

Then use the quiz at the end of the book!

Scroll up and grab your copy now!

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