Justice & Jealousy: A Cozy Sleuth Mystery! (The Amelia Lucas Mystery Series Book 1)


Amelia Lucas is a successful writer from New York and her agent, T.J. is pressuring her into writing yet another successful book in her series about amateur sleuth, Abby Lovelace.

But Amelia wants to take her books in a different direction adding a grittier feel to the stories of murder and deception. With that aim in mind, she uses a chance meeting with successful attorney, Luis Munoz, to gain some inside information on cases that she could turn into good stories.
Before long, Amelia imagines herself in love with Luis and is convinced that this new chapter in her life will bring richness to her writing when she describes the love which is developing between her characters, Abby Lovelace and Todd Bowers.

But Amelia isn’t the only one with designs on Luis and someone is watching their every move. Before long, Amelia finds herself at the heart of a real life murder attempt, the outcome of which will change her life forever.


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