Ivan the Russian Billionaire: BWWM Romance Novel


They come from different worlds, but they were meant for each other…

She’s an activist who hates the rich. He’s a billionaire with a heart of gold. Both of their worlds are changed when they meet, but will it be for the better?


He’s not like anyone I’ve ever met before – rich or poor. We come from different worlds, but I can’t control my feelings when we’re together. I fall for him mind, body, and soul, but will that be enough to crack his defensive shell and prove my love to him?


She’s a pretentious activist who acts like a child most of the time, but I can’t keep my mind – or my hands – off her. I find myself falling for someone who could never understand my ways. When I push too hard, the world shoves back at me. Will I lose my wealth AND the woman I love?

This is a FULL-LENGTH BWWM Romance Novel with an HEA and no cliffhanger. Bonus novel Slices is included for free for limited time.


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