Her Bodyguard: Bad Luck Brides Trilogy, Book 1

The McBride Menaces are all grown up as Emily March’s beloved Bad Luck Brides series continues.

When a fortune-teller reveals that she and her sisters have the power to end the Curse of Clan McBride forever, pragmatic chocolatier Mari McBride dismisses the claim as nonsense. But when a series of tragedies befall her family and send her on a quest to save those she loves, she turns to mysterious gunslinger, Luke Garrett, for help.

Luke’s desire to protect–and seduce–the beautiful Menace leads them both into danger. The violent collision of Luke’s past and present reveal sinister secrets that push Mari further away. Is she cursed to be the next victim of McBride bad luck? Or will the true love of a wicked man be her–and her sisters’–salvation?

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