DO NOT TELL ME NO (Intrepid Women Book 1)

When a kick-ass woman decides she will find her missing family, the special agent assigned to keep her safe is in for the ride of his life.

Cassandra – Exceptionally smart, but every now and then, her stubborn streak and sense of adventure get her into trouble. Riding into the mountains after a runaway horse might not be her brightest idea–but there’s always Plan B.
Gage – Ten years with Special Forces and now running his family’s security company, he’s trained to the nth degree, and doesn’t do failure. But for the first time ever, he’s screwed up a mission and can’t get a handle on the frustrating woman he’s supposed to be keeping out of trouble.
“A fun, fast-paced Romantic Adventure I couldn’t put down!”

Kickass women and the men who dare to love them.


A secretive family, a Texas ranch, and unlimited funds…

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