Daily Deals Gone Bad!


This book will bother you, it’ll make you mad and you probably won’t like all that you read in the coming pages.

This short powerful book was intended to be utilized as a tool, providing you, the business owner with the knowledge/know-how to understanding the hype/craze surrounding the daily deal operations.

I want to be honest to you, I know your busy, I know your being bombarded with daily deal service providers pitching the dream of endless amounts of customers waiting frantically for your business doors to open.

Well I’m hear to crush those dreams, it’s not going to happen, if it did you’d be considered a “Daily Deal Unicorn” which you’ll read about soon.

In this book you’ll learn to cut-out the middleman and why it’s so important. You’ll learn what it takes to keep 100% of your daily deal revenue, how crucial this is and why it’s so vital to your overall business success and offline/online reputation.

Let’s just get started we are wasting time.


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