Born to be My Baby (Canyon Creek, CO Book 1)

USA Today calls Ryan and Manis, “the ideal romance-writing duo.” Find out why with book one in this sexy, heart-warming new series. Born to be My Baby can be read as a standalone book, but you’ll want to read them all!

She didn’t want him home any more than he wanted to be there …

Ben Sumner left the suffocating small town of Canyon Creek, Colorado ten years ago, and never looked back. His father’s death has brought him home, only to discover his parents have leveraged the family land to build their dream lodge. His mother could lose everything if Ben doesn’t find a way to meet the terms of a steep loan.

Everyone is thrilled to have him home–everyone but Maggie Lawrence, the lodge manager. His one-time high school crush is as uninterested in him now as she was back then, but she’ll soon realize Ben isn’t the same geeky nerd he once was. As the owner of his own successful company, he’s not going to sit back and let her keep him from making the budget cuts that need to be made if his family is going to survive.

At the Lodge at Canyon Creek, Maggie has finally found a place where she belongs. Running the lodge, working alongside the staff and owners, she’s found a home, a family. They’ve trusted her to run things, but all that is threatened when Ben comes waltzing back in like he knows what’s best.

She’ll fight tooth and nail to keep her position at the Lodge and show him who’s in charge, even if that means fighting the oh-so-sexy Ben Sumner every step of the way. Now she just has to figure out how to keep her hands off the man while she battles to keep the independent life she’s finally found.

Born to be My Baby is book one in the Canyon Creek, CO series. It can be read as a standalone book. If you love characters that make you laugh, make you cry, and grip you with emotions, you’ll want to read them all. Get to know the sexy Sumner brothers in this emotional, heart-warming series.

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