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Book Description

Did you know that God has an amazing plan for your Life?

Welcome to Purpose of a Christian Life, a book that, at its core, answers some of our most fundamental questions, and reveals the mystery of God’s glorious plan for our lives. Have you ever stopped to wonder what God has in store for you? Do you feel like something is missing in your life? Don’t worry, you are not alone. We all have a deep void within us that can only be filled by God. Consequently, this innate need guides us to discover his undying love, mercy and purpose for our lives.

Join me as we journey together to find that purpose. One thing is certain, after reading this book, not only will you have a clear vision of God’s magnificent plan for your life, but you will attain a greater understating of his message. After all,God’s love is transcendent, unshakable and everlasting.

Hear What the Critics are Saying

“Very inspirational and powerful; everyone should read this book. Purpose of a Christian Life is by far one of the best Christian books to have come out in the last decade.”

-Mary Jones -Valley Daily News

“I give this book Five Stars All The Way! This book makes my list as one of the top reads in the Christian genre. Anyone of Faith will enjoy this book very much.”

-Theresa Davis –Alliance Media Group

“Purpose of a Christian Life was a very powerful and thought provoking book. Every generation, young and old, should have to read this book. Ten Thumbs Up.”

-Dave Baker -Book Bloggers of America

“This was an excellent book even though it was short, I ended up reading it in less than a day; however, it has a very strong and positive message. A Must Read.”

-Lisa Cooper -Literary Times Inc.

“Purpose of a Christian Life was a very interesting and unique book. It had a very solid message about love and forgiveness. Highly Recommend.”

-Emma Righter -Writers United Group

“Amazing Book! I fell to my knees at the end and cried. This book reminded me why I became a born-again Christian. Its messages are not only powerful, but also true.”

-Carl Mosner –Readers Cove Unlimited

“A friend from work recommended this book to me and although I am not a Christian, I was still moved by its Powerful Message.”

-Lee Ratner –Daily Media Trends, Inc.

“What a magnificent book. From the moment I started reading it I just couldn’t put it down. Every man, woman and child should read Purpose of a Christian Life. Truly Inspiring.”

-Jordy Crabel -The Kendal Group

“Wonderful Book! I actually bought it for my son-in-law and ended up reading it as well. It offered me a fresh perspective on my Christian journey.”

-Morty Ruslan–Crest Haven Baptist

“I read this book as part of a Bible study group; I am glad we found this spiritual gold nugget, it has changed my life. Eye Opening.”

-Laura Thomas –Blogging for Jesus, Inc.

Message From the Author

If you could have a private conversation with Jesus Christ and ask him anything you wanted, what would ask him?

What am I doing here? What does God want from me?

We stumble along, fumbling for answers to some of the most difficult questions in this ambiguity of the human condition that we refer to as life, and fail to realize that everything happens for a reason. God has a plan for you; he has a plan me. There’s a plan for all of us.

“I am a radical follower of Christ, with whom I have a deep and intimate connection. In him I will store all of my faith for the remainder of my days.”

Ivan King

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