Battle Cry! The Combat Memoir of an American Infantryman in the First World War (Classic Infantry Combat Bestseller, Modern Annotated & Abridged Edition; Illustrated with Historic Photos and Maps)


“patriotic” –NEW YORK TIMES

Battle Cry by Arthur Guy Empey is one of the great memoirs of the First World War. Well before the United States entered the conflict, Mr. Empey, an American, joined and fought with the British Army during some of the bloodiest battles of the war. Originally entitled Over the Top (the battle cry of the British), Mr. Empey’s memoir was a runaway bestseller and influenced the American decision to enter the war in 1917. The book remains a classic of infantry combat, and a star in the exceptional literature produced by the First World War.

Boston Hill Press, a premier publisher of quality books, presents this modern, 2016, annotated, abridged and illustrated edition, featuring:

–A fresh introduction and epilogue by the award-winning editor, David W. Bradford (THE BATTLE FOR OMAHA BEACH, VOTE LINCOLN) explaining the nature of infantry combat in the First World War, e.g., trench warfare.

–Detailed maps of trench fortifications.

–Annotated text explaining historic context and specialized military terminology.

–Historic photographs from the U.S. National Archives, the National Library of Scotland and the archives of Boston Hill Press.*

–specially formatted text for Kindle e-readers;

–a new table of contents, plus full Kindle electronic navigation, e.g., interactive table of contents and word search.

*On select Kindle devices and apps, illustrations may be enlarged. Tap twice on image; OR touch image for a few seconds, release, and select the “zoom” icon that appears.
What people have said about the author and/or his book:

“so much more vivid than anything I had ever heard from returning soldiers.” CHICAGO TRIBUNE

“Arthur Guy Empey …gave his country the first big patriotic book [about the First World War]” –NEW YORK TIMES


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